5 Things to Expect When Living In Burnaby Condos

People shift to new homes with a heart full of hopes and dreams, and Burnaby condo make it sure to reach up to their expectations. So if you’re planning to own a condominium in Burnaby anytime soon, you have to check out these luxuries that await you.

The amazing facilities you’ll enjoy:

1- Tight Security-

No more of worrying about leaving children at home or living alone. These condos maintain a high end security service that allows you to leave for work or holidays tension free. Here, you have digital lock system on doors, and it is under full concierge care 24*7.

burnaby condo

2- Amenities-

Looking for a pool?Or gymnasium? You’ll find all such extravagant amenities here. Starting from community halls to children play areas are all a part of these housings. These jointly owned areas will make your Sundays a blessing!

3- Social Setting-

When you’re living in a condominium, you live within a community. You have a next door neighbor to share a coffee with or to go for lunch. Moreover, you’re likely to be a part of a close-knit society where you celebrate festivals and occasions together. Christmas or Easter parties would only get better!

4-Lesser outdoor work-

You can relax about mowing the overgrown weed in your lawn. Complete maintenance of your house and surrounding area are taken care of on a regular basis. They have assigned group of workers to survey and repair any damage. You can use your leisure time for yourself without calling up the plumber or gardener. Just pay a stipulated amount every month, and you’re good to go.

5- Solid Investment-

Most of the condos are located in upscale areas of the town and well connected with supermarkets, subways, restaurant, and pubs. No wonder, the value of your home will shoot up every year. Then, you’re free to resell it at a much higher value than its original price and relocate to an even better house!

If you’ve already invested in Burnaby condo this year, you realize now why it is the best thing you did.  What are you waiting for? Get your space now!